God is so good.

im listening to this podcast by pastor steven furtick and my heart is melted and my eyes are crying. i am in tears.

God is so good.

He is so faithful.

this morning I prayed.

i prayed…God please be with me and show me or tell me that these Jesus parties are not going in vain or going unseen or going for no reason…and that inner city love ministries isn’t just a joke. i was discouraged…i had been discouraged about I.C.L….i haven’t put my whole heart into it and i felt so bad. its just around the corner. but. today. as i listened to this podcast called, “Jesus told me to, Jesus told me to!”

I’ve been given encouragement.

“Simple obedience that leads to supernatual miracles.”

“When I do what Jesus tells me, It will be as He told me!”

“You obey then you understand.”

if you get a chance, check it out.

praise God.

thank you Jesus.


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