boom shackalackalackalackalacka!

Today is #musicmonday but first I must apologize for not posting #sillystorysaturday & #secretsunday…

so Here they are…


One time i was at wal mart & it was real late.. and this middle eastern early 50’s looking dude was in the produce area and had about 3 bundles of bananas in his arms. why? i have no idea. as i was passing him up & watching him, he tripped and dropped all the bananas and it almost looked like he was juggling but really he just had too many and they all fell on the ground and as i watched this in slow motion I laughed so much i started to cry and called friends to tell them the great news of this guy dropping bananas at midnight in wal mart. i think i was delusional but i really believe God was just giving me a little laughter.

it was great. no i didnt help the man. no he wasnt hurt. he picked up all the bananas looked around to see if anyone saw and walked away. thankfully i am short & he didn’t recognize me over the stacks of beer in the aisle lol.


pennies used to be my favorite kind of coin.

dimes are now my favorite kind of coin…small, light and round.


I understand not everyone enjoys worship music, indie, pop, electro-funk, etc etc

but since this is my blog…i will suggest all the types of genres my toes enjoy tappin too.

Today, I will suggest you to check out these 3 artist/bands

Elevation Worship..


they actually have a free song & chord download. So go getcha some!

#2 for #musicmonday is


check them out dude..they are sooooo fresh!

definetly toe-tappin summer spring fresh. no joke.



#3 for #musicmonday is The Roots!


dear God 2.0 & The Otherside are my favorite songs by them. so check’em out!

yes, my music selection is very extreme! maybe I’ll post some metalcore stuff tomorrow lol


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