Side Note:Today is Good Friday & apparently people who work usually get this day off…except myself.

Which is completely fine, Lord knows I need the monies 🙂

besides it being Good Friday – Its also #freedomfriday (yes, I changed it to that from #followfriday & heres why…)

Lately, I’ve had the word offense on my mind and heart.

Not because I’m offended but I’m pretty sure I’ve offended people I love, people I don’t know & even people whom aren’t too fond of me.

& for that…

I apologize. I apologize because I do not want to block your blessing & I don’t want to hinder your walk with Christ or lack there of. I apologize because my heart, my mind, my soul is not to offend…it’s too love unconditionally. Now, I know some folks are probably like “well Jesus offended people back in the day..” yes, he did. with truth & love. Sometimes when you are standing for something you believe in you forget to do it with love.

being people we often forget. So here’s a reminder…

to the offender- truth & love go hand in hand; apologize, ask God to help you become a better communicator & walk out unconditional love.

to the offended- let the offender know they’ve offended you, forgive them, accept their apology & let God deal with them.

The worst thing you could possible do is assume they know they are offensive.

& to those who are in leadership whether you are offended or the offender, please please please watch what you say, how you say & be willing to swallow your pride.

The longer you hold onto an offense, the harder it will become & eventually your heart will just harden towards them.

so today, be set free of offense.

in love folks.


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