so to catch up with the weekend…here is


one time i went to wal mart with a friend. we bought Popsicles and asked folks if they wanted one…

then i went up to this van where an African American was taking a nap and i asked him if he wanted one and he said no. then i said well wake up and he was like i wasn’t sleeping i was reading a book and he proceed with what’re you the sleep police? and i was like HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. no. hahahahahaa! and then we both went our seperate ways.

as for my #secretsunday

I have crushes at shops I regular go too.

My Newest one is my Starbucks Crush.

My Kinda Old/New is this maintenance guy from my friends apt. complex.

My Oldest one is my Wal Mart Crush (folks know about him thats why he’s the oldest)


drum roll please


Rend Collective Experiment!!!

Their newest album Homemade Worship by Homemade People is excellent!!!

Check out their website/music on itunes!


here’s one of my favorite songs by R.C.E…


good evening!


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