#followfriday w/a twist!

1. @scottcrenshaw ; if your from the houston area & you remember “the venue”, Scott was the young adults pastor for a few yrs. I considered him my pastor at the time. Check out his podcast; its good stuff! www.newriver.tv

2. @heismyonly ; if your in la porte/deer park/pasadena area, you should check out New life Christian Fellowship. this twitter acct belongs to my favorite pastor’s wife! Pastor Ang is down to earth, funny & full of wisdom. I love her & I know you will too!

3. @devineaton ; he’s my brother, he’s my friend & he’s my favorite devin! His heart to please the Father is evident & He also has great taste in music!

4. @marcusrobtson ; HE IS HILARIOUS. that is all.

5. @RELEVANT ; if your a young adult you would totes enjoy their magazine, tweets & podcast. Music, Ministry & God. www.relevantmagazine.com

6. @KatieHerzig ; she’s an amazing musician & songwriter! Very down to earth! Check her stuff out! www.katieherzig.com

7. JESUS! If you don’t know who Jesus Christ is please take a chance to get to know him. He isn’t a religion, He is a perfect person whom died on the cross for you, dude! Yes, You!!! If you’ve had a bad experience with church, religion or “christians” please please please forgive us. We are all learning to be like Christ every day. Christ isn’t like us…you see…He loves you unconditionally, He is passionately interceding for you at the right hand of God every second! & best of all…He is a gentleman…He won’t force you to “clean up” much less force you to go to church… He just wants you to know him. He loves you. I love you. He forgives & sees past your past.

Do what you gotta do & Follow these folks!







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