ok so today i had a hard time thinking about what i was going to post for #whimsicalwednesday and i couldn’t come up with anything…so i changed it to #whywednesday & the question i’ve had on my mind all day is;

why do people leave the ministry?

as many of you know, i am 22 yrs young & have been in the ministry for 6 yrs. I’ve worked for 4 different ministries in 6 yrs. i’ve come across so many young & old folks who have also had their seasons in the full time ministry. Today i couldn’t help but ask a few friends who are in, were in, or praying about being in the full time ministry…whether it be in a local church, charity or bible school.

here are their answers…(in NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

the top 10 reasons why people leave the ministry:

10. No help.

9. No support.

8. Hurt from past leadership

7. Depression due to lack of genuine fellowship or accountability.

6. They get bored.

5. To move on with their own plans/ Priorities

4. Burnt out

3. They can’t spiritually support themselves and others.

2. They allow themselves to get overloaded and over worked and focus more on ministry then they do on their relationship with God and their family.

1. tired of being treated like hired helped instead of a minister.


so there you have it folks…of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions but this is my blog & i agree completely on every single one of these reasons why people leave the ministry.

All in all its bittersweet.


Thanks to everyone who answered this question.

P.s. I’m not leaving the ministry…I sincerely believe this blog post is for someone who needs answers… 🙂


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