i try too hard


I realized the other day when i posted about Blue Like Jazz that i try to hard…

like i want to be hip & sound all sophisticated but in reality

i am Lucy Jet…

i laugh at my own jokes.

im grumpy in the morning

im passionate about Jesus

i have compassion for people


frankly, i love past peoples imperfections very well.

The point is

i am Lucy Jet.

I daydream more often then i should.

I like to think I’m cool.

I just recently got broken up with which btw is the best thing for me right now.

I am all about the ministry.

I have secrets…good ones too. haha.

last summer i lost a relationship with a good gal friend & this past february i lost another one.

I can be selfish, prideful & blind at times BUT

I am always willing to shut my trap & apologize when need be.

I hate HATE HATE HATE HATE losing friends but you know what…God wouldn’t put you in a situation you couldnt handle you know?

I have my own ministry & its called Inner City Love Ministries…we host Jesus Parties & our second one is April 22nd & we will be giving away free popsicles!

i love popsicles, snow cones & kites!!! haha.

I am very very very excited!

Today, I saw this awesome video & I will try to post it here…..


Check it out!



boom, roast & Philemon 1:7!

-lucy jet.


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