blue like jazz, Jesus parties & snowcones.


Idk if anyone is reading this…but if you are, Thanks!

I always to try to hard when it comes to blogging which puts me in a rut…but….ive decided to just be myself…cause i am good at it.

tonight i will tell you of 3 important parts of my life & as you can see the 3 important parts are in this blog title. haha.

(so clever..i know i know lol)

1. Blue Like Jazz…

it all began in 2007, when a dear friend of mine named, Brandt Russo, told me about a book called “Blue Like Jazz” and encouraged me to read it because it would really help me understand who God is…well

it not only helped me in 2007 but it still helps me now… when i don’t know what to say to people & don’t want to come off super religious i pull out BLJ & read page 33-34…the story about the Navy Seal…

it gets me everytime. BLJ the movie is coming in April & I signed up to see the movie March 22nd & I can not wait.

If you want more info on the movie check out these links:

Blue Like Jazz Trailer

2. Inner City Love Ministries came together & hosted a Jesus Party in a local park pavilion..the weather was not so nice but over 70 folks showed up & 20 asked for prayer 🙂

3. I eat snowcones once a week to remind me that i am never to young, never to busy & that i like to keep it simple.

p.s. do don miller a solid and check out blue like jazz the movie when it comes out…and if you don’t want too then okay. 🙂


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