driving w/Adele & the yr past.

driving off from church,

thinking about being thankful.

taking action in my thoughts,

remembering this yr as if i weren’t here.

i’ve made lots of mistakes

i’ve made lots of decisions

decisions leading me here


here being near..

near to those who love me the most

near to those who will be there unconditionally in the long run

you win some, you lose some.

you can’t win them all

i’ve come to the understanding that sometimes you absolutely have to walk alone in order to get where God wants

to take you.

i’ve made some really unfortnate decisions this past yr(romans7.15) & i’m slowly but surely letting God’s love & healing power capture my heart again.(hebrews7.19) starting with surrendering.

surrendering over my daily decisions. surrendering over my mindset. surrendering over my heart.

being set free, living w/o any strings attached & giving all of me to Christ.

I’m ready to be forgiven, I’m ready to forgive myself & I’m ready to go to the next level w/Christ.

this is me, letting you know, as a friend & a lover of Christ, i give you permission to love, pray & remind me we can’t always win by ourselves but with Christ we can..


winning & forgiven.


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