fake tattoo’s & poker night fail.

as i turn onto the road at a slow speed, going downhill my Japanese manufactured car isn’t able to stop.

i freak. i cry. i try to get out as i see my hood get folded into a taco.

praise God for no injuries.

i understand God’s complete protection.

as i was on my way to the howarth’s for pizza making-poker night i turned onto a road the Holy Ghost told me not to turn onto.

obviously i didnt listen. so here i am car-less, waiting for a few phone calls from my insurance agent & mom.

it’s verrryyyyyyyyy important that you listen to The Holy Ghost regardless if you’re mind says, “no you’ll get lost”

idk what to even say right now. im humbled. im thankful. im shocked. im geekin at the fact that i know that i know that i know GOD IS SO GOOD. HE IS SO REAL & HE IS MY LOVER.

im keeping from crying only because its a confused cry. like what am i suppose to do now?

i feel helpless yet thankful.

the accident could’ve been worst, alot worst actually but it wasn’t. i know God will provide all the finances & he will give me peace and the courage to face everything im about to face.

crazy thing. of all the weeks for this to happen.


dumb devil.

so this is whats gonna go down. im getting my car fixed. i only pay 200. the insurance covers it & the truck i hit.

i go back to conroe tonight, work tomorrow. crazy hat party tomorrow night, work friday. pack friday night. head out to pasadena Saturday, sarah & sam’s wedding at 3 on saturday, church sunday, new job monday.



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