Makitty Chester Steve Yams Saenz.

yesterday, i received word that my new roommate likes kitties & a friends cat just had kitties & needs a home for two kittens. i decided its time to have a kitty so july 8th ill have my first own kitty!!! His name is Makitty Chester Steve Yams Saenz (thank you to a new friend named, Toli!)

I am so so so so excited about this kitty!

In other news, July 8th I’ll be moving to La Porte! 

1. to be closer to family

2. to take a job opportunity that was offered in january.

3. because. i. want. too.

its all kinda falling into place.

my Friend brittany & i will be moving into a house owned by the ministry we will be working at. 

its crazy cause in a matter of 3 days i got a job, a house, a kitty & another awesome youth pastor roommate!

favor aint fair but i’ll take it if its offered!

so with that said.

i am on a boat, sailing & about to land to my next destination in life.

enjoy the journey folks, its all you can do.


Love God//Love People//Expand the Kingdom!


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