take that rewind it back.

okay so.

the past 3 days have been

incredibly wild.

i can’t tell you what all went on


i will tell you these days involved a few things, such as, my fricken awesome neighbors, swimming & friends from san antonio visiting for a few hours.

as you all know, my mom went into the e.r. this past sunday & went back to work monday. i now see where i get my job-oholic personality from(idk if that made sense really)

the point is. she went back to work, i took tuesday off & today i sat in a meeting.

a meeting that wrecked shop on my mind, emotions & state of being.

now, im sure everyone is wondering what kinda meeting was this, good or bad?

it was both. very bittersweet.

the meeting took me by surprise & the words that came out of my mouth were sincerely from the Holy Spirit.

i never thought it could happen that way to me but it did.

side note: i am starting a comic book series.

& now im here blogging about it because i dont feel like writing. which i should get back to finishing up my book.

on july 8th i will expose what this meeting was about.

as of now, just pray & remind yourself of 3 things everyone is called to do.

1. Love God.

2. Love People.

3. Expand the Kingdom.

are the choices you make daily doing any of those 3 things?

if not, you should probably take some time & ask God to help you make wise choices.

i know i am.


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