i am who i am; lets stop the violence.

i’ve been visiting different churches over the past few weeks & months almost.

this past sunday i got the chance to take part of a wonderful service at Renaissance Church in Conroe, Tx.

Renaissance Church is kinda like a hole in the wall type of church & i felt completely comfortable. it was awesome. the feeling of being wanted and loved.

as i sat and listened to the worship band worship God i couldnt help but get up and get by myself and thank God aloud for EVERYTHING He has done and is doing in me & through me.

i actually got to speak with the pastor & he gave me the 411 on how they ended up in conroe after 4 years of youth pastoring in ocean side, cali. He shared his heart with me about the church & what there main focus was and i totally digged it.

im stoked for tomorrow night as well. its young adults night & it starts at 9 pm.

oh & btw i bought this shirt and its like from the 90’s and it says stop the violence. real cool eh?


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