phineas & ferb bandaids.

the past two weeks have been the most memorable.

although they were the most intense.

i did alot of random things that a “normal” 21 year old would do.

if you dont know who i am or what im about, me being normal is not cool, usually.

being sold out for Christ & having so many people know you as being sold out to Christ for 5 years

& all of a sudden you just go “crazy” for two weeks out of no where when in reality,

you were set up.

believe it or not everything you chose to go through will always have an explanation as to why you chose what you did.

in this case, a really good friend needed me in a time of trouble thus i was there for her.

while being there for her, i really started to think about the decisions i had been making or the lack of decision making.

i was told a few weeks back that i really needed to know what i’m doing and where i’m going as far as now.

as if i didn’t know who i was and where i was going.

at first i thought okay i will figure that out and after a while. i really really started contemplating who i am and where i was going.

i know i’m called by God and anointed and all that good stuff although.

who am i now?

what do i want to do in life?

i know i want to be an evangelist and work in the music industry but what am i doing now to make that happen?

all i know is Jesus is the best and He has kept me.





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