just have fun.

i have a few friends whom i am very proud to call my friends, literally.

if it wasnt for there unique personalities or witty sense of humors i probably wouldnt be making the decisions i am making today besides the fact that Jesus lives in me & has blessed me with awesome friends.

this blog is about appreciating my friends btw.

the friends who havent lost touch cause i moved away or live far or whatever.

i know that these friends i have are honest to God diving appoints. only by God’s grace could i have these friends.

you’re probably wondering who are these friends shes talking about? are they the ones she went to high school with or bible school or church??

yes & no.

i want to start this off with one friend imparticular who has been through alot in the past couple of months.

with her faithfulness to her God, friends & family she is by far a great friend.

LW(lauren-roommate) she took me in when i had nothing & dealt with my pride. She stuck by me like a sister and probably wanted to quit on me but didnt.

i appreciate her. alot. i would take a bullet for her. for real.

Danielle B!- you have time after time listened to me whine & made me laugh & made me really think about the now. you make me take chances in the natural! & supernatural :P. you really are a great friend.

Sarah BETH Mo!!!-my old next door neighbor ;P i admire your witty-ness & your boldness! you could tell me im dying & still let me know its gonna be okay. haha. seriously though. 😛

Annette!-you are totally married & i am totally stoked for you. i understand times can be tough but eh who said they wouldnt? you my friend are the most trustworthy person i know. honestly. your daring life has often times dared me to step out and have fun yet be responsible ;P!

Jen Jones- you were my girl & now you are my sister & i love youuu i love youuu i love youuu!!! you are so passionate about dissecting the Word of God it drives me to do the same. i am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO glad ive gotten to be apart of your life for the past 2/3 years.

ROCHELLE!- from fart wars to me crying to about guys. hahaha. you KNOW me. you KNOW me. YOU KNOW ME! i know you’re like all popular or whatever but dude. i love you. i see you. and im super stoked for you. thank you for always encouraging me to live life to the fullest and do it now. thanks for being my sister from another mister :P.

last but not least.

JESUS! thank you for giving me life everyday! thank you for continuing to believe in me. thank you for grace. thank you laying down your life. thank you for allowing me to enjoy each day one minute at a time. thank you thank you thank you.

at the end of the day i know i have lots more friends to appreciate via blog but these few were on my heart. thus just have fun.


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