i just don’t like dogs.

my grandma decided i wasnt ready to move to mc camey/odessa by myself yet.

she was right.

i applied to work at a thrift store, as a joke.

turns out, the thrift store is a ministry.

they have 4 different opportunities of ministry:

1. the thrift store

2. a womens center

3. emergency assistance

4. insight to life

when i got the call back i realized i could just be a cashier for a few months then move to odessa.

i got the job.

i am a cashier.


two weeks into being a cashier,

i meet the founder of Creative Outreach Ministries.

she asked if i would be okay with running sound for some events(youth rallies, conferences, etc etc)

of course, i said yes.

one week after saying yes, she asked if i would like be the event coordinator.

i prayed & sought God for a few weeks about it.

that would mean living in conroe/montgomery for at least 5 years.

its funny cause The Lord knows i struggle with “commitment” and swallowing my desires(which is to move to odessa)


once & for all

i am completely okay with swallowing my desires, staying commited & “slowing down.”

whats the rush in the first place?

i was speaking to a good friend of mine & she opened my eyes, yet again, about how as young adults we want to fulfill our dreams tomorrow,

when we have no legitimate experience just passion & yes, so many things can be birth out of passion but w/a passion you also need knowledge.

you cant just be super spiritual and no earthly good. (is that how that saying goes?)


the point is, here i am

the event coordinator. i start in two weeks.

i can completely say  this is by the grace of God, nothing i could have EVER done could have brought me here.

its wild what God can do for you & through you; if you only let him.



p.s. i do not like dogs.

p.s.s. to my future husband-i will make no exceptions…no dogs, no animals, not even a fish. 🙂





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