i hear the rocket summer..

as you know i am about to start a new adventure in a new location.

my focus overall is loving God’s people & making Jesus name known in a more real way, in west texas.

for years now ive expressed my unusual love for odessa, texas.

now, i am getting the opportunity to move to mc camey for a year to serve my grandma.

while serving my grandma, i will be traveling to & fro odessa daily to work at a recording studio part time, possible a personal assistant opportunity & schooling in the summer(eventually in the fall, as well)

i am super stoked to see more miracles, signs & wonders happen in a new place.

pioneering is where i am.

intimacy with the Father is on my lips.

from broken homes to smiling faces is the vision of many coming to know Christ unconditional love & serving him daily in there walks.

i am a bridge for the Father.

if you could do one thing for me,

i would say

keep me in your prayers.

let me not get sidetracked.

let me not lose grasp of the vision.

let me listen clearly to what The Father, Son & Holy Spirit have to say.

let me do what i am told with a heart of unconditional love.


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