the anthem of our dying day.

“i was walking down eternity the other day

and i saw this bird fly out from under this fantastic round bush

i kinda jumped back and choked on my spit because

the bird almost hit me..

i was walking!! on the sidewalk & a FLYING BIRD almost HIT ME.”

isn’t that unusual??

i guess since it’s 2010, that can happen right?

well apparently since it’s 2010

anything happen, especially being in america.

dreams can come true, right?

there is hope according to obama’s one-liners, right?

the point is, its true.

you can do anything you put you’re mind too.

now whats the difference between those who believe in Christ & those who go day to day

being selfish in there own pity,

driving up to starbucks,

not thinking of the people behind them


the cashier who is probably studying to be the next great, abe lincoln or henry ford maybe even, rosa parks.

i believe everyone has been given a 2nd chance, some run with it, others let time carry it in the wind.

its like some people are living drasticly in Ecclesiates or classy in the book of Hebrews.

Lately, i’ve been dabbling in both.

Coming to the realization, in order to truly be like Christ you must be 3 things.

1. selfless.

2. compassionate.

3. truthful.

now i know of these things so lets walk them out like mimes do to us.

say nothing, show everything.

be as translucent as can be.

be as authentic as Christ.

be the bee’s knees, Jesus has called you to be & do it with excellence.


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